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Functional training attempts to adapt or develop exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries. Functional training involves mainly weight bearing activities targeted at core muscles of the abdomen and lower back done in a group team setting. The 45 in the blitz name stands for 45 minutes. No more hours in the gym with no results. 45 minutes at blitz is all you need to get maximum results.







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Fitness Franchise opportunity

Be Part of the “FUTURE OF FITNESS!”

Functional training  attempts to adapt or develop exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries. functional training involves mainly weight bearing activities targeted at core muscles of the abdomen and lower back done in a group team setting.  The 45 in the blitz name stands for 45 minutes. No more hours in the gym with no results.  45 minutes at blitz is all you need to get maximum results.


Studio Amenities Include:


Functional training

Functional training at its core is comprised of exercises that mimic everyday life, catering to everyone, no matter where they are in their fitness journey.


From Power Medicine Balls to foam rollers TRX suspension training, kettle bells, sand bag workouts, sled training, bodyweight workouts and more.


The blitz45 member power their workouts with quality functional training equipment that will help them develop overall strength while improving their day to day lives.

Variety intensity options

These versatile exercise products are vital to any functional training routine and gives the clients a variety of exercise and intensity options.


Fitness Franchise Teamwork, group training, teamwork
Fitness Franchise Teamwork

We build fitness brands, franchises, and change lives in the process

For the past 25 years we have been building profitable fitness brands across the country. We don’t compete with Big Box Gyms, but focus on a niche market.

Many of our executives have over 30 years of successful experience in the fitness industry having worked with the top fitness brands in the country.

Over the years we have serviced more than a million members, that experience helps create perfect fitness concepts that members want.

Blitz45 is one of those concepts…

Treat our Franchisees Like Partners

Our franchisees count on us for our support. Our partnership mentality helps ensure that we are successful.


If we do not work as a team, we will not succeed. By having a team mentality, we can ensure success.

Putting Our Members First

Reputation is everything in our industry, so we must put our members first. Their satisfaction is directly related to our profit.

Next Level Thinking

Those that wait for others to create, fall behind. We like to be leaders and strike while the iron is hot.

Aligning Objectives

We believe in finding the perfect match, whether it is for a franchisee or gym member. This helps everyone involved to be happy.


Trust is earned and we believe that transparency in everything we do helps to earn the trust of our franchisees and members.

We Are Usually Asked About

Do I need prior business experience in order to open a blitz45 Studio?

Business experience is a plus, but not a requirement. The blitz45 system provides you with the training, tools and support necessary to successfully open and operate your studio.  Your job as a franchisee is to follow the blitz45 system that is in place.  The closer you follow it the more you will enhance your success.  

Do I need prior sales experience to open a blitz45 Studio?

Sales experience is a plus, but not essential.  Most important will be a genuine interest in helping your members become more healthy and fit.  Believe in the benefits of a blitz45 membership will help overcome a potential new member’s initial doubts.  People invariably want to feel good about themselves and leading a healthy lifestyle is vital to such well-being.  Group training gives the motivation and team spirt.  You and your coaches provide the caring, guidance and support to your members and this will be your most valuable asset.

Do I need prior experience in the fitness industry?

Such experience will shorten your learning curve; however, it is not necessary for success.  The founders and leaders have much experience in the fitness and franchising industry.  The sum of that expertise is made available to new franchise owners through blitz45 university and ongoing training.

How much time will I need to spend working at my blitz45 Studio?

Each individual must determine the time commitment they wish to make to their business.  Some franchisees maintain other full-time jobs by hiring and overseeing a studio manager.  Other choose to manage their studio themselves.  Both scenarios can be successful.

Is help available to select a location?

Yes, when you send in your deposit we than move forward with finding a location.  We will look for three types of centers to locate a blitz45 studio.   A center (anchored by your top grocery store) B center (anchored by second level grocery store) C center (small center no anchor maybe a hair salon, nail salon and other smaller businesses) Any one of these three type centers work as we base it on location, demographics and competition.  We negotiate the best lease terms and conditions that would include TI money and free rent.

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  •   I love the verity of machines, it's spacious, the entire gym is clean and I feel comfortable which is very important for me. The staff is nice and friendly, also this might sound weird but it actually smells nice when you walk in which is refreshing because gyms are usually not known for that.
    All in all I'm excited to go work out and I defenitly don't regrets leaving my other "generic" gym that smelled bad. 🙂

    thumb Meli N.
  •   I joined Retro Fitness in July 2016. The membership was inexpensive and the gym was undergoing major renovations. The gym is now totally renovated and the equipment is almost all new.  The facility is kept clean and the bathrooms are immaculate. I usually take exercise classes in the morning and enjoy the variety of classes offered. The staff goes out of their way to be polite and friendly. The members are also friendly and I have never felt uncomfortable.

    thumb Susan S.
  •   This is a great gym and atmosphere. Staff is always friendly and the gym is managed very well. This is nothing like your typical weights all over the place and packed to the ceiling 24 Hour fitness / La Fitness. The owners, staff and members make sure the weights are re racked and equipment is whipped down. I highly recommend this gym !

    thumb Ryan F.
  •   After coming from a very outdated gym in Plantation, I am very happy about this gym. They have some very cool equipment that I haven't seen anywhere else before. The community here is awesome & so are the managers. It can get a little packed but it's such a great gym so it doesn't matter. The price is spot on. My last gym is now charging $100 a month for group classes and retro is around $40 which is a WAY better deal.

    thumb Tabitha B.
  •   This is by far the best gym in South Florida. They have tons of equipment and they are always available, even at peak hours. The crowd is young and vibrant. They are very clean and the staff is always on top of things. Love their child care area since they have plenty for kids to do while there. Only one complaint is that they allow people to carry their bags around the gym area. Almost fell the other day when I almost tripped over a latge gym bag, while holding a 50 pound barbell. Like other gyms they should not allow bags in the gym area. Its a hazard. Aside from that, the gym is fantastic. They should open another one closer to the Weston/Sunrise area.

    thumb Tina S.
  •   I am obsessed with this gym! Signed up for it about 3 weeks ago and I have absolutely nothing to complain about! The staff is super friendly, the equipment is well taken care off and clean, the variety of machines and work out possibilities is amazing, classes are awesome and the environment is super chill. People actually come to work out and not people watch. Yeah, I'm talking about you, LA fitness which I'm so grateful to part ways with! If I had to see another steroid pimple shouldered V neck down to the belly button I would literally puke. So yeah, bye bye LA fitness. Retro, you have my heart and muscles.

    thumb Olga R.
  •   Let me 1st say Retro fitness is one of the 3 best gyms in Broward. The 2 side concept is awesome with a hardcore & little less intimidating side. They have a good quantity & quality equipment.  They have duplicate  dumbells up to 100lbs and range up to 150. They have a turf area too.The various rooms they have give trainers room to work without interruptions from people not using their services. It's always well kept. My only gripes No 35lb plates & the toilets can be a little disgusting at times. Overall though one of the three best gyms in Broward

    thumb Jason M.
  •   As a disabled Vet working out is my therapy, mentally and physically. I love variety and the ability to change up my workouts. This gym has it all. Spacious, Clean, Excellent Customer Service, Top Notch equipment choices, Boxing/MMA options, oh and the best protein shakes. I can go on but I really love the vibe here. Even the members are courteous and positive.  I still have the ability and access to workout at a variety of fitness centers in the area but I find myself driving 30 minutes to this one. My wife and 12 year old feel the same, we enjoy working out as a family and retro definitely provides the environment for that. So glad to have found this GEM (Gym) 🙂

    thumb Roderick E.

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