Best of Both Worlds

Group Training + Personal Training = blitz45

We have taken two of the top industry trends:   Group Training and Personal Training and blended them into one, creating a unique and exciting Functional Training studio! 

Blitz 45 Training is a team-based approach.  A functional training facility that applies the three keys to Fitness.  “Mindset, Motivation, Results”.




Knowledge is power! Learn everything you need to know about this exciting new franchise opportunity that is one of a kind.
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  • 1. Every workout is a new experience

    At Blitz 45 we never repeat the same programs which makes for exciting and fun workouts that produce great results!

  • 2. Team oriented environment

    Going to big box gyms makes you feel like you’re surrounded by strangers.  Going to a Blitz 45 makes you feel part of a team.

  • 3. World Class trainers

    Our classes are energized and coached by a qualified Blitz 45 trainer, helping you and your team members through the best work out of your life.!

  • 4. Members find our workouts addictive

    It makes it easier to train on a regular basis and the consistency helps build an outstanding body that is strong, lean and athletic.

  • 5. Appeal to both sexes

    Women and men gravitate towards this fitness concept and love their look after just a short time of training.

  • 6. Fast results

    Our programs are designed to produce results in a short period of time. This is due to the intensity of the workouts.

Franchise Opportunity

“We have identified an opportunity to deliver top team training services in a boutique studio environment. The trainings feature no power lifting or technical lifting.”

About This Franchise Opportunity

Low Franchise Fee

Only $14,999 for first 25 franchisees.

Minimal Equipment Expense

Equipment cost is only between $50K and $100K and can be leased with 25% down.

Royalty Fee

Very fair royalty flat fee of only $500 per month (first 25 franchisees).

Very low overall startup fees

You can be in business with a low investment of just $85K to $145K.

Marketing Fee

There is a small marketing fee of $175 per month.  

What about the numbers?

Operating a Blitz 45 is relatively low, and with fixed overhead it’s easy to forecast into the future.  It requires a very low membership number to succeed. The Blitz 45 franchise fee at present is the lowest in the industry at only $14,999 this low franchise fee will only be for the first 25 new franchisees.  The equipment cost is between $50,000 and $100,000 and can be leased with 25% down.  Our royalty fee is a flat fee of only $500 per month for the first 25 franchisees.  There is a small marketing fee of $175 per month.


You can be in business with a low investment of just $85,249 to $144,499.  

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