Blitz Kids F.I.T Summer Camp is the perfect way for kids aged 5-12 to stay active, healthy, and have fun! Our experienced trainers lead a variety of activities to promote physical fitness, agility, and coordination. Activities include strength training, cardio, gymnastics, and teamwork games. Our mission is to inspire kids to develop healthy habits and a love for fitness. Join us for five fun-filled days from 1-3pm for $99.

Our experienced trainers will be leading the campers through a range of exercises and activities that promote physical fitness, agility, balance, and coordination. We’ll be introducing the kids to sports conditioning techniques and working on their nutrition knowledge to help them fuel their bodies in a healthy and sustainable way.daily activities will include strength training, cardiovascular exercise, balance and coordination drills, as well as games and obstacle courses designed to challenge the campers and develop their teamwork skills. We’ll also be focusing on tumbling and other gymnastics skills to improve flexibility, coordination, and body control.

Our mission at Blitz Kids F.I.T Summer Kids Camp is to help kids develop healthy habits and a love for being active. We believe that by providing a fun and supportive environment, we can encourage kids to stay engaged and motivated to reach their fitness goals.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and educational way to keep your kids active this summer, sign them up for Blitz Kids F.I.T Summer Kids Camp today! Our camp runs for five days: (Monday to Friday) from 1pm-3pm, and we have four amazing weeks to choose from, including June 26th-30th, July 10th-14th, and July 24th-28th. With the cost of just $99 for the whole week, it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss!