CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. — FOX43’s Ally Debicki took a look at functional training at Blitz45 to give the full-body workout a try
Learn more about a workout that concentrates on fundamental movements
used every day, while improving strength in Cumberland County.

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. — FOX43’s Ally Debicki took a look at functional training at Blitz45 to give the full-body workout a try.

Blitz45 is a 45-minute functional training and conditioning workout that targets the entire body.

Some circuits are focused on intervals, some repetitions, and the conditioning changes every day!

“We are increasing core stability, we are working on squats, planks, lunges, pulls, rows, and rotations and those movements are so vital to everyday living,” said Doug Smith, owner and lead trainer of Blitz45.

Another benefit to joining Blitz45 is the access to the in-house FIT3D scan.

“It takes several thousand images and then it compiles all of that data [for] complete measurements from head to toe,” said Smith.

Measurements are also broken down into percentage of fat mass and percentage of lean tissue mass to create a realistic image of the body.

Members have the ability to consistently scan to keep track of progress over time and say that the check in’s keep motivation up. They add that even if they don’t feel the effects of the workout, the scan shows even the smallest of improvements, which can be a big win in the long term.

“When I first started coming, I could barely get off the floor. I mean it was tough, but as I started coming and getting stronger, within, I think it was six months I had lost 36 pounds, crazy inches,” said Rita Keelen, an 18-month Blitz45 member.

“In all my years of joining clubs this is the first one I stuck to and I think when you get here, it is almost impossible to fail,” said Keelen.

First-timers will complete their FIT3D scan, fill out a short waiver and then get a tour of the space. Once comfortable, they’ll get into the class under the watchful eye of the trainer.

Trainers are able to modify different movements, on the spot, to meet the needs of all fitness levels present and tailor the class to the participants.

They can also customize a personalized program outside of each session, focused on a member’s specific workout and diet goals.

“You come to the Blitz45, and you become part of the family. And everybody is very accommodating they are very kind towards one another and very accepting,” said Smith.

For a full list of group training classes, click here, and to ask about personal training opportunities call or text Doug at 717-PA-BLITZ.

The first class is free and for more promotional offers click here.

Author: Ally Debicki (WPMT)
Published: 2:55 PM EST January 25, 2023
Updated: 2:55 PM EST January 25, 2023


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